Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gadgets, dohickeys & whatchamacallits

I've been spending a bit of time checking our the Concours Owners' Group's Forum and there has been the odd bit of debate over some of the extra electronic doo-dads fitted to the Concours - namely the KIPass and the tyre pressure sensors.

Arguments against go towards the cost they add to the finished bike and possibly to maintenance or failure further down the road. Arguments for are mainly usefulness and bling-factor.

Personally I like the KIPass (love just leaving the key in the bike and walking off) and I'm an absolute fan of the tyre pressure sensors after my experience with a slow leak in my rear tyre on the Mini's Return. Cycling through the displays on the screen every now and again (gotta check on that fuel economy yanno) I was able to pick up that the rear was loosing pressure slowly before the loss of pressure started affecting the handling - this is a great safety feature that every bike should have! As Mark said - he would have had no idea if the same thing had happened to him until he started slithering around (just like me on the 2005 Southern Cross).

I was also able to keep a close eye on the pressure and stop when required for more air and consequently made it around the Coromandel in one piece.

So I'm well and truely a convert to new technology designed to be helpful being introduced to bikes. Ok, it may have added to the cost of the Connie but in a few years it'll be that cheap that every 250 has it. And as for reliability etc - how often does anything electrical break down these days?

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