Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Rubber

Finally got the old Stradas off the Connie and I've replaced them with some Michelin Pilot Road 2CT's. I've heard nothing but good news about the new rubber although have been concerned that perhaps the extra weight of the Connie may mean not so great tyre wear - although comments on the Concours forum suggest all sorts of fantastic mileage figures. I'm just going to have to wait and see how they go with my riding style etc.

But what I can confirm is that they feel absolutely great! I went out on the Friday night ride to scrub them in and they felt fantastic from the very first few kms. Personally I've felt that with both the original Bridgestones and the Stradas there is not very much feel or feedback from the front end. There was nothing wrong with the way the bike handled and the tyres stuck to the road as they should but there just wasn't that hard to define "feel". After last night I would have to say that that has changed and the bike felt simply fantastic through some tight & twisty roads.

So far it's all good - the Southern Cross is bound to test the Michelin's wet weather performance and after 6,500km or so I should have a reasonable idea on their expected life. So check back in about 4 weeks for another 2CT report...

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