Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Pootle

Another reasonably nice day so the little red bike was dragged out of the shed for a quiet pootle. I met up with Owl & Pegasus in town before heading off over the track for a bit of fun. Had a bit of a blast over the hill with Owl right behind me and after stopping briefly to let the little Suzuki catch up we get on heading into Pahiatua.

In Pahiatua we met up with Sarge and I had a coffee while the others had what looked like quite a nice feed at the Black Stump. As we were leaving there was the odd little spit but it never came to anything worse.

The return trip took us back into Woodville and then up over the saddle. The saddle was a bit damp in places and as there hadn't been any proper rain, quite slippery. This and quite a few vintage cars on the road slowed the ride up a little but the Ashhurst side was a bit drier and a nicer ride. Good to get a little ride in before the end of the weekend and the dreaded return to work...

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