Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meandering to Martinborough

Cripes, it's Tuesday and I haven't written up Saturday's ride yet!  Best get amongst it then...

Last week was fairly dreary weather wise and Brian and I had both been hoping for a bit of a nicer change for the weekend so that we could escape on the Connies.  Come Friday night and the weather man was telling us that East was the way to go so we decided that lunch in Martinborough was on the cards.

With Roscoe piking on us we ended up leaving Palmy a bit earlier than we'd originally planned and made our way up over a wet Pahiatua Track to the Mangamire turn-off.  Great conditions for Brian to scrub in his new tyre...

There was a bit of fog just before we got to the turn-off but once on Nikau Road the mists parted and the GoPro was pressed into service.  Almost instantly we ran into stock on the road - this seems to be becoming a bit of a recurring theme...

From Mangamire we rode a short way down to Eketahuna before leaving SH2 again for the lovely run through to Mauriceville.  During the week there had been a bit of flooding over this side of the ranges so I wasn't quite sure whether we'd run into any issues.  In the end there was only wet and dirty roads taking us through to Mauriceville and then into some more fog.

Back out onto the main road we cruised into Masterton where we got fuel before the last leg into Martinborough.  We took a slightly different route down to Martinborough that actually took us out onto my planned return route but it was still a nice ride and the closer we got to Martinborough the more bikes we saw out and about enjoying an improving day.

Food porn - Corn beef hash, mmmmmmm...
After lunch it was time to head home and we took our normal back road route via Wainuioru and then turned off to take our old favourite Route 52 to Alfredton.

View 20-07-13 Martinborough in a larger map

Route 52 was fairly dirty and slippery in places (even the odd remnant from some slips) but we pretty much had the road to ourselves except for a few other bikes heading South towards us.  It was along here that the GoPro decided to have a hissy fit and produced these two photos five seconds apart - can you spot the problem?

Of course I didn't know this was happening I was too busy enjoying myself on a great wee ride.  From Alfredton we simply rode through to Pahiatua (dodging a slow moving hawk) and then back home over the track.  Back home about 2pm after a neat little ride with no rain to speak of!

Some of that stuff is dirt...
More pics here.


  1. It was nice to see the weather go from overcast to blue sky in the two different video. Looks like you found some nice twisty bits in between those straight stretches.

    So, did the GoPro go for a little tumble? Brad's Sena radio decided it wanted to meet the road last Sunday but at least he was going slow. One u-turn later he picked it up and it still works fine.

    1. Nope, the GoPro stayed on the bike - it's very weird! There is a setting so you can tell the camera it's mounted upside down (and it automatically flips the images) but I never touched the camera or the remote...

      We found even more curves after lunch ;)

  2. Isn't the Connie the wrong bike to be doing adventures off road?

    1. Takes everything in her stride George ;)

  3. I enjoyed the video, thanks for posting that. As far as the GoPro wierdness, I think it may have reverted to norhern hemisphere mode until it figured out that it was on the upside down side ;-)

    1. You could be onto something there...I will have to explain to it the error of it's ways...