Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday Night Ride

I had two extra reasons for going on the Friday night ride last night, the first being new tyres on the Connie and the second to try out my new video camera and mounts bought for the Southern Cross.

6:30 saw somewhere around 15 bikes heading out Pohangina Valley East Road and I kicked the camera into life while somewhere near the back of the back so that I could hopefully get some good footage of everyone as we wound our way through the valley. Soon I was sneaking through so I could make stars of everyone and really starting to enjoy the ride and in particular the new tyres.

Suffice it to say but the ride was fantastic with just one little stretch of new seal to slow things down and it was great fun playing camera man. We ended up in Fielding for a drink and some fantastic wedges before everyone made their way home buzzing after another great Friday night ride.

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