Monday, April 15, 2019

The Zumo returns...

So the new 595 lives on either the Tenere or the Connie, but the old 550 still goes - what to do with it?

Well, while it does get used in the car (primarily as a bluetooth speaker/mic for my phone), but I still have 3 motorcycle mounts.  And it just so happens that I have 3 bikes, one of which has no GPS - oh no!

So yep, the 550 has found its way onto the little WR.

After rummaging around in my boxes of bits and pieces I found a ram mount fitted with a u-bolt for attaching to round things.  I didn't want the GPS too in my face so rather than mount it quite close on the handlebars or cross-bar I'm trying it mounted to the bark busters.  This puts it just a little bit further forward - time will tell if it's a good spot or not.

As you can imagine, it's not that hard to fit things to the WR.  To access everything it went something like this:

  • 2 bolts to remove the seat
  • 1 bolt to remove LHS sidecover
  • 1 bolt to loosen radiator shroud so that wiring could be tucked away
  • 2 washers to stop battery connection bolts pulling through round connectors on the Zumo harness.
  • A few cable ties and some insulation tape to tidy things up.

And yes, it even works - I didn't blow anything up...

As its hot all the time, I'll need to remember to remove the GPS after every use - pretty sure my watch has a bigger battery than the WR...

Now to go and try and not get lost...

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Yep, yesterday Phil moved the tag and Owl announced that he was going to go get it today.  Well, we couldn't have that could we?

KTM's are too slow to get up in the morning...
It was actually a really nice day for a wee pootle but in the end I didn't go that far at all to pick the new tag.

It's pretty tricky spot to find and if Owl doesn't get it this afternoon then it's bound to stay ungot for positively ages......

Yeah right...


Sunday, April 07, 2019

Zig Zagging

Only a short ride of around 90km this weekend.  I'd done a little maintenance job on the WR and thought that like a little like a Gurkha's kukri, the bike couldn't be put back in the shed without a quick squirt.

After topping up with a ridiculous amount of fuel (5.5L), I puttered out of town and made for Watershed Road to hit some gravel as soon as possible.

Again it took me a little while to get used to the little bike on gravel (half the weight of the Tenere so doesn't quite have that planted feel) but I soon had a smile on my dial and had ridden all of Watershed Road and turned onto Spur Road.

After chasing a bunny up the road I had to duck as two huge hawks took off in front of me - I'm sure that if they'd wanted to they could have carried me and the little bike off - then it was onto the tar for a minute before getting into the zig-zags of Zig Zag Road.

At the top of the hill I made a navigational error which saw me heading back into Feilding a bit sooner than I'd planned.  Lunch was inhaled at my folks place before heading home.  A bit cooler out there today too...

Oh, and no map.  Google refuses to draw a route on the roads I took and no GPS device recording...