Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Been Riding

Yes, the TT is over for another year and there will be a write-up soon...

Short summary:

  • Had a blast
  • Got wet
  • Got hot & thirsty
  • Caught a cold
  • Got in trouble
  • Killed a bunny
  • PR4 GT's fantastic in the wet and still going strong at 9,500kms
  • Connie as magnificent as ever and now sitting on just over 136,000km
  • Thinking about next year's ride already
  • Clicking icons give's checkpoint pics.

Friday, February 12, 2016

PR4 GT half life (?) review

Well Geoff has been raving about his PR4's on his wee Suzuki so I thought that maybe I should give a quick  review after 6,700km on the 280kg Connie.

First up some terrible pictures - I don't seem to be able to take a tyre photo that can actually show tread depth...



Bad pictures they may be but I'm pretty happy with the wear on them and they look like they've got a few more kms left in them.  Maybe a photo in ten days time will show a different story...

Geoff has already raved about the handling and wet weather performance of the PR4's and I can only agree with his comments.

I have found that on the Connie, the tyre pressure does definitely play a part in how good they feel on the road.  I rode the bike a few weeks ago with at around 4psi less than normal and they definitely didn't feel as good as they did last weekend with the correct pressure.  At the right pressure they simply feel like the profile is spot on and the bike handles fantastically well.

So at 6,700km they are looking pretty good and I'm hoping for great things: PR2's have been my favourite in terms longevity, the PR3's not so good.  People say that the 4's handle like 3's but last longer so I'm looking forward to hopefully proving that correct...

Tyre log:

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Yes, the mighty Vee has gone to a new home.  She has gone to an Aussie biker who will keep her here in the Manawatu and use it on his trips over here.  He seems pretty happy with the deal and I hope gets a lot of fun out of her.

I've had a lot of fun on her myself and will miss her like all my previous bikes but now the time has come to find something new....