Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Been Riding

Yes, the TT is over for another year and there will be a write-up soon...

Short summary:

  • Had a blast
  • Got wet
  • Got hot & thirsty
  • Caught a cold
  • Got in trouble
  • Killed a bunny
  • PR4 GT's fantastic in the wet and still going strong at 9,500kms
  • Connie as magnificent as ever and now sitting on just over 136,000km
  • Thinking about next year's ride already
  • Clicking icons give's checkpoint pics.


  1. I saw the pics on Facebook. Look like you had a great time.

    That Connie must have one heck of a comfy seat. Good job.

    1. A great time alright. Not sure if the seat could be called comfy but it's not bad - if you sat on the couch for that amount of time ya butt would complain too I reckon...