Monday, March 20, 2023

Not the TT2000 Part Six

One of the reasons why we'd had such a rapid 1,600km trip around the island is that we had plans for Friday - Tim was taking a cheeky day off to take us riding.  

We were in that much of a hurry we got back a day early...

This meant that Thursday was a pretty cruisy day pottering around Wanaka and prepping the WR's for the adventure.  The bike prepping involved unloading the bikes, walking around them a few times and then loading them back up.  The upkeep of these little bikes is ridiculous!

Come Friday we were joined by another Tim and with his Can-am loaded up we headed for Cromwell for a pie and to pick up Tim2's passenger, Noah.

Today's mission was a trip up in behind Moa Creek to the Poolburn reservoir and then onto the Serpentine Church - another iconic South Island adventure bike ride.  Warning: lots of pics!

Bikes & buggy unloaded, we were off up the hill on a good gravel road to our first photo stop at the Poolburn Reservoir.  A very nice spot with quite a few people camping out around it.

Back under way, we rode up the road a little more before turning off to check out what looks like an abandoned batch or perhaps even what was someone's residence in the past.  It was fairly stylish and someone had put a lot of love into at some time - two stories with a shed and even the long drop had stonework around it.  Good view of the reservoir too.

Leaving the reservoir behind the track started getting a little more rough but naturally it was no problem for the little bikes.  Our next stop was a doc hut.

Some more great riding got us to the Serpentine Church where there was one last challenge just outside the front door...

Nah, the big puddle is behind you Tim!

The church itself is apparently the highest church in NZ at 3,100 feet.  Both Tims had a fair bit of knowledge of the churches history and reckoned the church only ever held one service.  Not much info on the net but a few facts on the plaque in the church.

At the church we stopped for lunch and had a good nosey around the place.  It was a shame that it was a bit windy for the drone.

After lunch we backtracked a little to go in search of an old Gold mine.  This involved a little bit of proper offroad and then some scrambling around to check out the entrance.  Fortunately there were plenty of nice views to take in while we caught our breath.

Back on track, Tim led us back through the big puddle again to take us in a big loop back to the reservoir.  This involved more great riding and plenty of opportunities for photos.

Somehow I lost Colin and Tim during some gate opening/closing activities and ended back at the utes first.  It was good to get out of the riding gear and get the bikes loaded but man was I thirsty after pretty much emptying my 3L camelbak.

Time to go in search of a drink.  Unfortunately the first pub we came to was shut.

Fortunately, the Chatto Creek pub was just up the road and it was open.  Always wanted to stop here as it's where the Chatto Creek 1,000 miler is/was run from.  Colin liked it.

Feeling slightly more refreshed we clambered back into the utes and cruised back to Wanaka where we were forced to once again visit the Cardrona pub for one of their great meals.  Absolutely fantastic day out, riding great places with a good bunch of blokes!