Friday, March 17, 2023

Not the TT2000 Part Five

 After our night in Rangiora it was time to make our way back to our base in Wanaka.  But first there was more gravel to ride...

Our first stop for the day was in Darfield were the horses were watered and we went in search for a pie.  We found some but the one I got was not good and I paid for it later.  Nevermind, Fairly was just up the road so we got to have a decent pie at the Fairlie Bakehouse...

A memorable pie...

Pied up, it was time for some serious riding.  First up was the magnificent McKenzie and it was a great intro to some superb, fast gravel.  We did stop at the monument though - as you do.

Gotta love that sky!

Google doing some editing of my pics

After a short stretch of Haldon Road we turned off again to take in the Hakataramea Pass through to Kurow.  Once again this was superb, fast gravel with only a little water in the fords.  Another stop at the famous road sign for photos but unfortunately a bit windy to put the drone up.

A bit hazy today, but this is usually an awesome view back to the Alps

In Kurow, we had another stop for fuel and to say goodbye to that Darfield pie before peddling off to Duntroon and then onto another favourite - Danseys Pass.  Hitting the gravel through here I discovered it was pretty damn dusty so I let Colin get a fair way ahead of me and then had the misfortune to catch a car on a steep, windy downhill where I couldn't get past - lungs, who needs them?

This time around we didn't stop at the pub but carried on through to Naseby and had a potter around checking out some of the old buildings.

Colin demonstrating "pottering"

Gravel done and dusted, we cruised on through to Alexandra where we located some dinner before carrying on back to Wanaka.  A reasonable long day but one that definitely included some great gravel riding and awesome scenery.  I need to go back already...

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