Wednesday, February 09, 2022

More shed time

 Best give the Ten a bit of love, she's got work to do...

Yep, 'tis the season to change air filters.  And the Tenere is a little more involved than the WR...

Some of the plastic needs to be removed or at least have some bolts removed to gain access to the four bolts that hold the tank on.  The two vent hoses need to be removed (see below) so that the tank can be tilted back and secured.

Then there's plenty of screws holding the airbox together.

This middle one goes tight through the to hold the filter in place.

And then hey, presto, you're in.

Probably about due?

And in goes the new one.  Lot's of pics cause I reckon those intakes look cool 😁

The bike even looks ready for something...

Oh, and now that I've changed filters in all the bikes, let's rank them in order of ease to do (because some Connie owners reckon they're tricky when they're actually not):

  1. RMX.  It wins as there's less tools required and from memory I don't think the seat needed to come off.
  2. WR250
  3. Connie
  4. Super Tenere
Did you see that coming?