Sunday, September 19, 2021

Monday, September 13, 2021

Busting out

Well, sort of...

Unlike Geoff and his Jaffa mates, most of the country has been let of jail and can now do more important things like ride motorbicycles.  So how to celebrate this?  A decent hoon on the Connie, covering as much as the free North Island as possible?  Flipping stones far and wide on the Tenere.  Or, rarking it up on a trail ride on the 450?

Yeah, there's one option missing there - puttering around the valley on the mightiest of mouses.

I dunno why, but on Sunday I wasn't really hankering for a big ride and really missed the little bike, so after a quick visit to the olds and a top up with some ridiculously expensive fuel (you should not be able to fit $27 worth of fuel in a 250!), I went for a little meander out behind Colyton.

After nearly heading up Finnis Road, I did a quick U-turn to go and explore the top end of Taonui Road and then onto Pollock Road.  Pollock Road was nice and fast (well, I was on the WR) gravel which ran up a valley before climbing out of the valley and ending up on Ridge Road.

Turning right, I followed Ridge Road until it actually became Finnis Road and rode a wee bit of Finnis until it became Zig Zag Road.  And then I needed a rest.  Warning mega WR250 porn below:

After a short section of seal on Valley Road the next gravel was Midlands Road.  The fast climb up the small rise was a lot of fun before dropping down a little into some more windier stuff on Watershed Road.  And then it was all over...probably just under 100km for the whole ride...

About 75km of very expensive fuel missing from the tank.

So, an itch was scratched but that itch ain't going away...

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Waiting sucks...