Monday, May 27, 2024

Spoiling the little one

 This post completed without AI...

Somehow there are two WR's living in my shed and every now and again I visit them to fire them up for a while as they haven't been getting in too many outings these days.  Last time I went out to do this a tragedy occurred - more poor wee bike wouldn't start and all things pointed to a very old and much abused (no tender and nowhere near enough riding) battery.

But, the battery had lasted well.  It's definitely been in the bike since I've had it and I have a sneaking suspicion that may have been the original - so potentially in the bike since 2011!

Deciding on a replacement was pretty easy.  The Poweroad Li-ion one in Colin's bike always fires his one up (after being ignored for months) and I also have one in the RMX which so far seems to be just as reliable.  And look at the size difference!  It weighs probably less than a quarter of the other one too!

Fitting the battery, I had to pack it out with the stick on foam rubber that comes with the battery so it would fit more snuggly in the battery box and not rattle itself to death when being a passenger on our usual death-defying WR rides...

And then it was time to see if the new battery would breath life into the mighty beast.  Damn straight!  And then Colin's one needed to be checked as well.

After fitting the battery, I then got very extravagant and dropped the oil out of the WR and gave it some fresh stuff along with a new filter.  Heck, I even pumped up the tyres to make pushing it around the shed easier...

And added an appropriate mascot...


  1. Mate, the lithiums are awesome. I've got 5+ years out of them with no tender or exta care. And the weight saving means I can eat more pies.😁
    With the oil changes, I have 3 bikes due at the moment. I'll help change it but I'll be getting the kids to pay for their own oil.

    1. Yep, they're great alright - the Trumpy even has one standard ;) Can your kids also pay for some of my oils changes? 6 bikes to feed at the moment...