Monday, May 01, 2023

Glen Orua Trail Ride

Well, this is the ride I've been waiting for ever since I bought the RMX.  

The Glen Orua trail ride was the first trail ride that Colin and I did on our WR's and it was a bit of a mission due to the boggy conditions.  But, we both had really enjoyed it and it was well organised with heaps of riders on it.  For a variety of reasons I'd missed everyone of these until this past weekend - and a cold earlier in the week had may worried for a while...

As it turned out, I was nearly back to 90% so I wasn't going to miss it...

Another difference this time around (besides the better bike for it) was that it was being hosted in Tangimoana on a farm that I believe they have used for it before.  No change to the millions that attended it - it's definitely a popular ride and the organisers reckoned they had to send out for more sausages...

I got there around 9:20, unloaded the bike and then wandered around while waiting for the 9:45 briefing.  Unfortunately the wait was a bit longer and they needed to wait for the ambulance to get there (stuck in a queue of utes and trailers) and also wanted to get everyone signed in so they didn't miss the briefing.

Cleanish (ok, it hadn't been washed) and only a few of the riders vehicles - that grass in front soon filled up completely!

In the end, we were probably off about half an hour late and I was one of the first few (hundred) to get out on the first led lap.  I took it fairly quietly and quickly discovered that there was going to be quite a few whoops, sand, some neat riding across what are probably grass covered sand dunes, sand, some mud, sand, some more technical slow stuff in a pine plantation, sand and a couple of quicker bits on the way around an approximately 15km course.  Fun stuff!

After lap 1, I had a quick water stop before heading out again for a much quicker (for this kid) lap two.  Here's the complete lap - make sure you watch it all 😜

Another quick stop for water and after tossing up the idea of an early lunch, I decided to get in another lap.  This time around I was a little slower in places as I was already starting to get a wee bit tired.  Tired enough to make a silly mistake in one of the muddy bits:

Well, at least I didn't get stuck in the mud hole...

Back at the carpark it was finally time for a lunch break.  A sausage (in bread with onions and sauce please), sandwich, drink and a slice of chocolate banana cake along with more water all went down very nicely.

While scoffing it down I was joined by Steve who was there on his two-smoke but also had a brand new DRZ-400 to try out.  So on lap four I followed (or tried to follow) him around while getting just that little bit more sore and tired.  One rest stop and a little drop later and that was the end of the lap and enough for me.

Another great day out on the yellow bike and even though I'm still sore now (as usual) I really enjoy it and the exercise you get riding offroad.  Next one in a few weeks  - fingers crossed!

A dirty dirt bike is a happy dirt bike!