Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just a taste

Yeah, not much of a ride this weekend.  Just a quick trip down to Waikanae and back to organise some new custom plugs - I lost one of my "Plugs for lugz" a couple of weekends ago and have had to make do with disposable foam plugs since.

The ride both ways was pretty boring - just a very light drizzle as I left home and then mostly dry roads from Shannon onwards.  I did have one little bit of excitement in Waikanae when a little old lady decided not to give way to me - luckily I had read her mind and managed to keep out of her way.

At Kiwi Plugs I had some molds take of my particular ear design and was forced to try to pick from all the colours on offer before David made me up a set of "temporary" plugs which apparently will last around 6 months before the material shrinks and they no longer fit properly.  I have ordered a set of plugs to be made with ear buds built in and with this option also get a free set of standard plugs.  These will take a few days to be made and cure before they're sent up to me.

I will do a bit of a review when I get to try the new plugs out but after using the temporary plugs on the way home I have to say that I am impressed with their comfort and the noise reduction.  I would say that so far they are superior to my old "Plugs for lugz" (the new ones seem to be a lot softer and more comfortable) and I believe that the other plugs on their way should be at least as good as some demo ones David had "felt" pretty soft in my hands.  I guess I will find out soon enough...


  1. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Got my audio plugs from David a couple of years ago (just before the GC Meanie & Cowboyz did) and they're still great. I found a bit of vaseline makes them more comfortable and now the other Uly riders think I'm a pervert for carrying lashings of vaseline in my bike's 1st aid kit....go figure!


  2. Thanks for the prompt Andrew! I made my own plugs from a 2 pot putty which is specially for things like earplugs. I've noticed that they are less effective than they were and a bit less comfortable. Maybe they do have a defined life as you've intimated. Must investigate replacements (a bit hard in the wilds of Coro!)