Sunday, September 16, 2012

Car graveyard

Yesterday I took a drive (yes drive, no bikes involved) with Brian up to Horopito to visit Smash Palace.  If you followed that link you might have discovered that Smash Palace is reasonably famous (at least in NZ) as far as car wreckers are.

Entering the treasure room
Brian was after some bits for his classic Ford and had spoken to the owner earlier in the week.  On arrival we were directed upstairs to start the search for bits.  The place was an absolute rabbit warren of shelving and hanging parts - I'd say they've probably got one of everything for every car model ever made...

Sat view gives an idea of the size of the place
After finding Brian's bits (amazingly the owner somehow seems to know where everything is) we went for a wander around the yards to check out all the wrecks.  It was pretty chilly out but it was really amazing to see all the different dinosaurs lying around slowly rusting away - sorry for the lack of pics, I didn't take my camera so the few pics come from my phone and everyone knows phones are not cameras!

More petrol heads
Eventually Brian was able to pull himself away from the place (he may have found  his personal version of heaven) and we headed back to Ohakune for lunch and then home.  A different sort of day out for me...

Oh, and just as well we didn't take the bikes - we brought back a spare grill for Brian's car, it may have been slightly awkward on the bikes...


  1. Ummm....the first link led to IMDB...But I love the sounds of the place. I'm drawn to junkyards. I'm glad you had a good day out.

    1. Yep, first link was deliberate. A reasonably well known (at least in NZ) film was filmed there. Second link takes you to the secret location...