Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just how hot is it?

After sweating it out in over 30 degree temperatures on the Coro Loop & East Cape I thought it would be nice to know what the temperature really is as you're sweating away so I've just added an Oxford temperature gauge to the mighty Connie

It can display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit or the time. The date is always displayed and there is also a little indicator that shows if the temperature is on the way up or down. Another feature is an ice warning when the temperature gets below 3 degrees Celsius so that could also come in handy.

After sticking it on I had a few issues with it turning itself off on me and I wondered if I had a dud one or if both batteries (comes with a spare) were poked. After playing around with it I decided that the battery must not have been making proper contact so I packed it out a little with some cardboard and it seems to be ok now.

Yep, I like gadgets!

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