Saturday, July 23, 2011

An empty shed

As it turned out the weather decided not to agree with the forecasters and the day turned out to be of the "not too bad" variety.  This of course meant that my new rubber could be put to the test and the riding itch could be scratched.

Brian was also keen for a ride but after turning up on a Honda I managed to convince him to try a Suzuki and we hit the road.  First up was a little squirt across to Marton for some fuel and some lunch before tackling Makuhou Road.  The beauty of having both of my bikes out was that I could stick the GoPro on either of them to get footage of both bikes in action.

After Makuhou road we simply looped back to Marton via Pukepapa Road and then back home via Halcombe and Feilding.  Just a short little ride but nice to be able to get out there.

Oh, the new PR3's - probably far to soon to offer any sort of evaluation (after all, any new tyre feels better than the shot one it's replaced) but the Connie behaved herself and the tyres coped with everything thrown their way.  Now how's that for a tyre review?

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