Friday, July 22, 2011


In a previous post I incorrectly stated that the Connie has burned through 8 sets of tyres.  It's really only been 7 but I did put on a second hand front after the original Battlax wore out after a meager 6,500km.

Today I put on set number 8 and chose the new Michelin Pilot Road 3's.  These have been gaining a reputation for offering great handling wet or dry and I'm hoping this pans out for me.

On the Concours website some riders are reporting up to 8,000 miles from a set.  I'm taking this with a bit of a grain of salt as I've heard extremely high mileage claims for PR2's - I regularly get 11-12k from PR2's.  But, if they can go 8,000 miles this will mean that they should be at least as good as the 2's and then I'll be happy.

Hopefully the weather will play ball this weekend (not exactly looking that way at the moment) and I'll get the chance to scrub the new rubber in and get a feel for their performance - fingers crossed.  For the moment I've added a little table showing the Connie's tyre appetite.


  1. Are they miles or km Andrew??

    My Triple Avon Ultras are coming up for replacement in a couple of months and whilst I'm very satisfied with them, I was thinking of evaluating the PR3's, so will be very interested in your on-going impressions.

  2. Definitely only km Geoff - unfortunately...

  3. I like the PR3's so far. They have some good bite. I can't say that are as sticky as the Metzler on the bike when I purchased it. That guy loved the twisties and had the stickiest damn tires on it.

    Looking forward to a review of them on your roads.