Sunday, August 07, 2011


Today's little pootle came about by Supersonic posting up a tag that was just too easy to not nab.  Guess where it was...
Any ideas?
Before leaving home I did a bit of head scratching as to where to go to place the tag.  The weather wasn't the nicest with a decent wind blowing and the sky looking pretty threatening so I decided not to go too far and rediscover Scott's Road.  Years ago, back in our dirt-biking days, Mark and I used to hammer our trail bikes up and down Scott's road and it had been over ten years since I'd been up there.

New tag - gone already!
Scott's road quickly turns to gravel and takes you on a pretty rough route up a bit of hill from where you can get a pretty good view out across the plains.

The top of Scott's Road
From this viewpoint you can continue on across the tops until you eventually run out of road, although there are tracks that you can walk (or once upon a time ride) down to the Kahuterawa Valley and then make your way back into town.

The End
I didn't like my chances of being able to get the DL down the little walking track (I know there are at least 3 creek crossings) so I was forced to turn around and follow my skid marks back to the main road.  (Video actually of the trip in).

Not satisfied with just 20km of gravel I decided to visit yet another old haunt, Green's Road.  This takes you from  Kahuterawa Road through to Turitea.  The last time I went through here was on a mountain bike and I was a little concerned about my memories of a big mud hole...

I needn't have worried though as the road seems to be in a bit better nick nowadays but as you can see in the video below it does peeter out into not much more of a walking track.  It was really nice through here though although I did manage to scare the bejesus out of a little puppy and had to stop while the owner chased after it.  The poor little guy really took a disliking to the DL and although the owner got him back on the leash he was scared out of his wits when I pottered past - good thing I don't have rowdy pipes!

Eventually I got out of the bush and back onto the road for the quiet ride home.  Not a big ride by any means but nice to rediscover some old haunts.

More pics here.


  1. Some really nice locations Andrew!

    you're really getting the adventure bug, aren't you?

  2. I've never grown up - love playing in the dirt!

  3. I see big off road adventure coming. It so much fun going off road, one of the reasons I bought my Yamaha Tenere.