Monday, August 27, 2012

BRR August Ride Part 2

Ok, so there's a lot of video to process so I'm going to stick with writing up this fantastic ride in instalments as I work my way through the video - way to keep the readers on the edge of their seats or what?

But, I'm a bit more with it tonight so perhaps a few more words...

Arriving at our kick-off point just before 9 am I was amazed at the number of bikes parked up with their dead keen riders all busily getting to know each other.  There was even a couple of other DL1000's - yeah baby!

Muchus Adv bikus!
It was also cool to see Neil's new Tigger and neat to see that he'd loaned his old Beemer (for sale BTW) to a mate to also help increase our numbers.

Clean & shiny!
By the time Colin gave us the ride briefing there was about 21 of us with one more still on the way - good stuff!

As mentioned in last night's quick post, Colin had organised the ride and had got us access to a private road up to the Tararua Windfarm.  This was an outstanding ride and it was great to pop out on North Range Road and be riding amongst the turbines.

Somewhere along the top of the ranges North Range Road becomes Hall Block Road which eventually drops you down onto the Tararua side of the ranges.  So we got to enjoy some fantastic views of both sides of the ranges on this ride.

Spat out onto the tar again we made our way up SH2 to Danniverke were the bikes with smaller fuel tanks were able to have a quick top off before we continued.

From Danniverke we headed out towards the coast on Weber Road but quickly peeled off to take a variety of back roads, some gravel and some tar.  One of these roads, Maunga Road opened out onto some really quick gravel which was a real blast.

At the intersection of Maunga and Ormonville-Te Uri Roads we stopped for a re-group and a bit of a breather with approximately 100% of riders showing signs of enjoying Maunga Road just as much as me.

Maunga Road
Ok, so that's about it for tonight, outa here...


  1. Thats beautiful countryside in past those windfarms and down the range. Did you start to crap it when that sheep darted out, it hard to know where those things are going to go they are so dumb.

    I like the oops, more of that please.

    1. Had to deal with plenty of sheep and cattle during the ride. You get used to it but I trust the cattle more - they have a fair bit more upstairs than sheep.

  2. Love those turbines.

    I thought the same thing about the sheep! That isn't a road hazard I'm used to having to contend with.

    Beautiful countryside - so jealous!

    1. A rock has more intelligence than a sheep!

  3. Oops my behind. I think you enjoyed that oops. :-)

    1. What are you trying to say?

    2. Methinks someone likes his wheelies... ;)

    3. I resemble that remark!