Saturday, August 25, 2012

Been shopping again

Pack horse?
After about of week of research, talking to bike shops and umming and arring I finally picked up some new boots specifically for adventure riding.  Until now I've just been wearing my old Sidi road boots which are somewhere near 12 years old.

The faithful Sidi's
The Sidi's have been just fantastic boots but have had a hard last 12 months, splashing through mud puddles and getting covered in all sorts of things you might find on an adventure ride.  They have never, ever let water in except when it has ran down my legs via soaked riding gear or otherwise got splashed down the inside.  I would not hesitate to buy another pair and was a bit bummed when I couldn't get them when I did buy some new road boots.

The boots I've settled on are made by Forma and have come my way by comments from others who use them and like 'em.  They're mostly leather with good ankle and shin protection along with a pretty serious looking sole.  Closure is via velcro and three snap-lock dohickey-me-whatsits (apologies for the technical terminology).  I haven't ridden wearing them yet but when I tried them on they felt a lot more comfortable than I thought they'd looked and fit well.

The Forma's
Since picking them up I've given them some love in the form of a polish with Snow-seal and tomorrow is their first chance to get dirty...


  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Been using the Forma Adventure Boots (also black) since early this year. Really enjoying them so far and a nice cross between comfort and protection and still being able to walk in them.

    Pulled out my A* SMXR road boots for a ride on Sunday and even after a few years of wearing in, they are less comfortable than the Forma...


    1. I like them already. Wore them for the first time for 10 hours on Sunday and yes, a little bit sore but need to adjust a couple of the straps. Also kept my feet dry on some serious dunkings - more on that soon...