Sunday, August 10, 2014

Classic Bike Show

This weekend there was a classic bike show on here in Palmy and after getting the important stuff done for the weekend (go for a ride) I decided to check it out.  I was even nice enough to invite the old man.

There were heaps of bikes on display and plenty of people were there to check them out.  I took about 80 pictures but won't post them all here so if you want to check them all out click here.  Here's a few of the special ones:

Apparently this Douglas is very similar to one that my grandfather owned and there is a bit of a story about it.  He broke an ankle riding it and consequently didn't want his sons riding bikes and as well as forbidding them from getting bikes he never mentioned it until my Dad was about 16 or so and already had sneakily bought his own bike.  My two uncles also had bikes at various times too.

There were obviously a lot of bikes there that Dad recognised and some that he and his brothers had owned.  Dad had a little Jawa like the one below - apparently he swapped a go-cart for it...

I think this was the oldest bike that I saw:

There were some fantastic restorations.  This Indian really stood out:

And Dad really like this Douglas which was really neat alright.  No pots sticking out in the breeze like those crazy Beemers eh?

I also liked a lot of the original looking machines that showed they'd had a life:

And look!  A Harley I could own!

And a fantastic Henderson inline four:

There was also some newer Japanese classics:

Ridden one of these
Several Kwaka 2-smokes - Dad had a 500 at one stage

One owner from new!

I test rode one of these horrible V3 2-stroke Hondas.  Didn't like it, bought an RG instead.

There were also some special bikes own show:

The 'Plastic fantastic
McIntosh Suzuki
And the R&R boys had some of their toys on display:

Their Norton Racer
Desmo Norton motors - apparently the only ones in world...
And their Westlake drag bike - it can move!
There was even some instant classics - magnificent MV's:

100,000 Euros worth apparently...

And here's probably my favourite - a beautiful little 50cc Honda:

Be nice to be able to afford a few more toys...


  1. Wow Andrew what a collection of bikes! Thanks for sharing. I think the little Honda 50 is my favourite bike too.

    1. There were plenty there alright. And a lot of people looking too. Plenty of tall tales from the old codgers there remembering the good ole days too...

      That could be me and the Connie in 30 years...

  2. Some nice machines there for sure. I think you had a bigger turnout than we usually get for entries.

    1. Yeah, a really good turnout. There was another classic show in the Hawkes Bay a while back which I missed. I would say that a lot of these bikes were there too so the owners must love getting the chance to show them off.

  3. Cool post bro. I learnt a thing or 2 ;-)

    1. Yeah, don't ya wish you were there...

      The Kwaka 500 Dad had was the one I got taken to kindy on sitting on the tank. There's an orangey/red one behind the light blue 750 in the pic.