Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

Another nice day in the Manawatu - the winter weather is still holding off quite nicely so no excuse not to get out on the bike.

Today was just a quick squirt over the Pahiatua track, through to Mangamire, back over the track and through to Balance. From Balance I headed over the Saddle where I passed a guy on a CB1300 and then had another couple of guys (Firestorm & Bandit) pull out in front of me when they turned out of the windmill lookout.

I passed them and then headed on down into Ashurst before heading out towards Pohangina and crossing over to Colyton, Fielding and Halcombe. Coming back towards Fielding from Halcombe the same two guys went past going the other way - they must have stopped somewhere for a coffee as I'd probably covered a fair bit more ground than them.

Anyway nice to see quite a few bikes out on the road enjoying the sunshine. Fun little ride of about 170km all up.

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