Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Done & Dusted

Well it's the 30th of December and with no riding planned for today and work tomorrow that means the year is pretty much over in terms of bike riding. So, I thought it might be a good idea to wrap up the year with a summary of the year's high lights, disappointments and my biking plans for 2008. So here goes:

High Lights
  • 2007 Rusty Nuts Southern Cross - the Southern Cross is always great fun.
  • Buying the Concours - sad to say goodbye the the Bandit but always great to get a new toy.
  • 2007 Rusty Nuts Grand Challenge. The worst weather on record only made the sense of achievement greater.
  • Meeting some of the local Kiwi Bikers and enjoying some great rides with them.

Low Lights

  • Twanger in the van backing into the Bandit.
  • Concours falling over on the Coast to Coast.
  • Far too many RIP/Biker down threads on Kiwi Biker.
  • Not being able to afford more bikes/riding...

Plans for 2008

  • Chateau to Plateau - Jan
  • Mini's Return - March
  • Grand Challenge - October
  • As much riding as I can squeeze in...

Well that's about it I think, so Happy New Year to all who read this and if you're riding in 2008, have fun but be careful!

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