Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back on the road

Nice to have the bike back in the shed but it's not for looking at so Mother's day just gave me an excuse to haul it out and take a quick squirt up to the Bay to see the olds.

The weather was a bit dodgy looking and after splashing my way through Ashhurst and the gorge I decided to pull over in Woodville and suit up for the weather. Naturally enough things started to clear the further on up the road I went.

There were a heap of bikes heading south on their way home from the Cold Duck Rally I guess. Interesting to note that the Harley boys can go and party up with people on all sorts of bikes but once back on the road they stick to their own groups and never lift a finger to wave to other bikes on the road. Dunno whats wrong with them - can't be bothered with losers like them.

By the time I hit Tiko things were warming up although the roads were still quite wet. i pulled over again and removed my wets before tucking in behind a nice Audi that was getting along quite nicely. In the end I got tired of following him and left him behind.

On the return trip I gassed up at Hastings and decided to stick my wet weather gear on there. Not a bad idea as it got quite wet in places on Highway 50 and again around Norsewood and of course through the gorge again.

On the plains I caught up to a cop just as it started raining and was forced to slow up, luckily he pulled over to head back across the plains to troll for speeders. Caught up to another by Oringi but this time there was 2 cars in between us so I just settled into cruise mode. Then the cop did a dirty - he pulled over and then tucked in behind me. Eventually we caught some campers on the road so I was able to get away from the cop by passing the campers at the speed limit.

Didn't see another until the gorge but I was dodging puddles at about 80k's so no problems there. Ended up home at about 5pm and put the bike to bed - really nice to be back out on the bike regardless of the weather.

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