Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Pootle

After a pretty average Saturday weather wise it was nice to be able to get out on the bike today.

I met up with Yod and Leonie at Ashhurst before heading through to Danniverke where Sarge was just finishing filling his black beast. While we were filling up our bikes Owl pulled up and fed his horse too.

After a wee coffee break we hit the Weber road and Yod and I had a nice run through to Weber where we had a quick stop before heading on to Wimbledon.

Pressing on we finally stopped for lunch at Porangahau where we weren't the only bikes parked up and still more arrived while we were having our lunch. Leaving Porangahau we took a road that I hadn't been on before (Blackhead Road) which was a great little ride that ended up back on Route 52 into Waipukarau.

After a stop to work out if anyone needed fuel (nope) we pressed on South down the main road before turning off again to take the back roads through Takapau and Ormondville and into Danniverke for a drink & more fuel before the final wee squirt home.

More pics here.

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