Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rrrrrr, rrrrrrrr, choof, choof, rrrrrr

Yes last Saturday the VTR let me down when I was getting ready to ride it into work. Very little omf in the battery and no way it was going to start. I was that keen to ride it I even tried crash starting it - turns out that this is pretty tricky to do by yourself on an 1000cc V-twin. I was forced to park her up and take the car - doh!

Over the long weekend I tries to charge the battery but even on an overnight charge it would charge up properly so I figured that the battery was toast. Come Tuesday I popped into the Honda shop for a battery and discovered that the recommended Honda item was over $400 - far too dear for a battery. It turns out that twins need plenty of ergs to turn over (figures) so the need for a super-duper battery. They supplied me with an alternative which I took home thinking I'd be away laughing by morning.

Trouble was once I got home the battery was too tall for the battery box so it was off down to the bike shop again on Wednesday. They were very helpful and in the end found a cheap and nasty battery that has the correct rating for the Honda. Trouble was it had to be ordered and would not be in until Friday.

The good news though is that I picked up the battery last night, got it charged overnight and this morning no more rrrrr, rrrrr, rrrrr - only nice V-twin sounds. Awesome, now to get out for a ride...

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