Saturday, May 30, 2009

'Bout time

Finally had a reasonable day so had to make the most of it. Firstly, I had to go and pick up some packages so out came the VTR and I headed out to the airport. It'd been ages since I'd been out on her and I quickly had a smile on my dial. After playing bike courier I hooned off again to see if I could find a couple of bods keen for a ride - no such luck but at least I was out on the bike.

After lunch I got into some warm gear and headed out on the Honda again. Puttering out of town I picked up a tail - a guy on an XR1200 (ick) and he sat behind me as I turned off onto the track.

The start of the track was great and I was looking forward to say how well the Harley managed things behind me. As I peeled into the first tight left hander I only just got a whiff of something organic before the rear end of the bike headed sideways on me. Great a stock truck was leaving a trail of effluent all the way up the track!

This bit of excitement and the slicks through all the corners slowed things up a bit but by the time we were half way down the hill we caught up with the guilty party. The stuff was fair pouring off the right hand side of the truck creating a nice hazard all following him. The truck eventually pulled over to let us past and I managed to get through without getting covered in anything smelly.

At the bottom of the track I turned left to go through to Balance while the XR1200 kept on going. I had a nice ride through to Balance and then an even better one over the Saddle to take me home.

Really good to be able to get out on the bike. The Fielding Riders have a great ride through to Martinborough planned for tomorrow - unfortunately the weather forecast is not good but I'm keeping my fingers crossed as it's time the Connie had some exercise...

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  1. Andrew...I've been caught behind a truck hauling hogs...oh my...
    I feel for ya my friend...hogs and steer make bad traveling companions.