Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interesting ride

Ok, if you read my previous post from this morning you'll be aware that I've been out on the bike today and that I spent a bit of time dodging stock out the back of Marton, so now here's the full story...

During the week I started getting a real hankering for a decent ride - the Connie had new tyres and they needed scrubbing in so I had a decent excuse to get out (not to mention fabulous weather). By Friday I had decided that Fields Track was to be my destination and by bed time last night I'd even thought that if I hit the road early enough I could even take in the Forgotten Highway making it a fairly decent ride indeed.

Well, I didn't get up too early but managed to be on the road by 8:30 with Fielding set as my first stop to fill up an empty tank. Curiously I got 22.5L into my not empty 22L tank which did cause a bit of head scratching (who was right: Kawasaki or the oil company?). From Fielding I carried on through Halcombe and then Marton.

Out of Marton and onto Makuhou Road I had my run-ins with the four legged locals (but enjoyed most of that fabulous road) before popping back out onto the main road. From here I planned to turn off again for Fordell and make my way towards the Para Para's but cruising up one of the passing lanes I heard a funny noise from behind me and looked in my mirrors to see my topbox lifting off and then sliding across the road.

Amazingly it didn't even bounce and just slid clear across the road until it hit the gutter on the other side. Luckily there was no traffic either behind me or coming the other way and it made it's way across safely - also, if it wasn't for the gutter it would probably have got airborne and destroyed itself.

I pulled over and wandered back to retrieve it and was surprised at how little damage it had received. It even snapped right back onto the rack - damn, what happened? I decided not to chance my luck anymore so turned around and headed for home. In Turakina I stopped at the garage and bought two bungees to hold the topbox down (wasn't going to chance my luck a second time) and spent the rest of ride wondering if they'd ping off and clobber me in my back...
The trip home took in Wanganui Road to Marton and then a bit of diversion from the normal taking in another back road through to Sanson. It was a fantastic day and I was really disappointed to be back home parking the bike at only 10:30 in the morning. Now to sort out that top box...


  1. Nice post Bandit Rider! Great to here the good old bungees came to the rescue again. Must be an essential in the tool kit.

    What mapping did you use. It looks good?

  2. The map is a screenshot from Mapsource - the mapping software that came with my GPS. I then edited the image to add the critters etc.

    The route is my actual "track" as recorded by the GPS. I can also view the elevation of the areas I covered and get all the data on what speed I was doing where etc etc...

    A very cool tool.

  3. Nice bike by the way :-) I always carry bungee cords in my kit, Connies have lots of storage space :-) So what happened to the top case?