Sunday, May 29, 2011

What the heck did I hit?

Prior to today's pootle I was checking my tyre pressures and lookee what I found when looking at my rear!

There is another smaller gouge on the other side of the tyre too so I must have hit something! I've got no idea or any recollection of hitting anything but it looks quite nasty.

The tyre does appear to have a very slight leak although I'm not sure if it's due to this damage or one of the many other nicks (amazing how much damage a tyre picks up with no issues). Anyway, what do you reckon - keep an eye on it and keep riding or think about replacing (I've had 10,000km out of this tyre so far)?


  1. Somebody said to me once ... As soon as you start "thinking" about changing your tyre, this is when you should do it.

  2. how deep is that gash?

    then again, it's in the sidewall, lots of stress there....and when you've only got two wheels....I'd start shopping for a new tire I think...


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