Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventure rubber

As I've mentioned before, the front tyre of the DL had been getting fairly long in the tooth and I finally got around to changing it last week (nothing like a ride on the coming weekend to give you that bit more incentive).

Knowing stuff all about adventure tyres I did a bit of research and priced a few tyres before finally settling on a Pirelli Scorpion Trail. It obviously doesn't match my rear Michelin but it was a lot cheaper than an Anakee.

Sunday was the tyre's first test and it seems to be a halfway decent tyre - so far - I will reserve my final judgment until I see what sort of mileage I get out of it. If you have read my previous ride report you'll know that the tyre was tested on all sorts of gravel roads, mud and clay and very wet tarmac.

Obviously I'm still pretty new to this adventure riding lark and do not push the bike hard "off-road" (and I don't think that I ever will) but the tyre behaved itself very well even in the very trying mud/clay conditions of Puketoi Road. Add to this a fairly spirited ride chasing down a BMW on wet roads and I have to say that I have a lot more confidence in adventure rubber now.

Check back in 10,000kms or so...

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