Thursday, August 01, 2013

More Picasa weirdness

So I was nosing around the old Autobackup folder in my Picasa web albums and discovered that not only was Picasa creating gifs of some of my pics but also stitching together some pics to make nice big wide panorama shots.  Some of them aren't perfect but others are not too bad at all.  I particularly like some of the one's from my South Island adventure.

Here's a selection (it's worth clicking on them to see them a bit larger):

And to prove it here's the source images for that last panorama:

Weird is cool!


  1. Well I guess if Picasa is going to act weird it is at least doing something visually cool while it is at it. Neat panoramics

    Maybe I need to take at peek at mine and see if it is doing anything odd.

  2. I didn't even know that was an Autobackup folder, now I'm off to check mine as well.

  3. That is definitely a very pleasant surprise. It seems to have put these together nicely. Though I would think a peak at the unsuccessful ones could prove quite funny. :)

    1. Look a bit closer at some of them - bits of bike missing etc...

  4. I must see if my Picasa has done weird things! They look pretty good!