Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 Highlights

I guess I set a precedent last year so here's 2014's highlights month by month:


Not too much happened in January but there was a BRR and the Woodville MX GP but weirdly one of my highlights was a very wet ride on the DL.  I might have got wet but it was still a lot fun.  Nice summer weather.


February was a great month for riding.  There were a few cool day rides and also the TT2000 which I always enjoy (2015 planning underway) but the absolute highlight was the Connie turning over a major milestone.


Not a lot seemed to happen in March - perhaps I was winding down after the TT.  I did get a good gravel fix while breaking in some new rubber but the highlight was probably a little ride around the block with Mark.


I got a bit of riding done in April and had a ball.  The highlight would have to be riding the Vee over Fishers Track and the 42nd Traverse.  The 42 in particular is not a ride for the faint hearted and on a big beast it's definitely a challenge.  I had a couple of little oopsie's but the big Vee made it through!


More great riding in May but the top event would be our weekend away exploring Waikaremoana and the Motu on the Adv bikes.


While the Motu trip carried over into June I better not mention it twice...But it will have to be another Adv ride - this time just Neil and I exploring out of Taumarunui - another great day on the gravel.


It looks like the Connie pretty much took the winter off as July's highlight is another ride-out on the Vee.  This time I had some new riding gear to try out and went searching for snow.


Thank goodness for a nice winter's day - the Connie finally got a day out on a nice fine frosty day.


Not much happened in September but I got away for a decent 850km ride with Neil when we went to check out Ted's busted leg.  A good excuse to be led astray.


October was a big month for the Connie with the Four Points Compass Rally and the big one: the first running of the NI1600 - 1,600km in 24 hours.  I had a fantastic ride and the bike just ate it up!


November was still pretty busy.  I led the 2nd BRRBT ride and then there was the C1KC to stretch the Connies legs again.


December turned out to be a pretty good month riding wise even though the weather hasn't been the best.  There was a good trip around the lake and then the highlight was probably the BRRBT ride up the Wanganui River Road.

Distance log?

Approximate mileages for the year are:
Connie: 17,500km (Now sitting on just under 117,000km)
V-Strom: 8,500km (around 42,000km)
I must do better!  Looking forward to see what 2015 brings - Happy New Year!

Some of the plans so far:


  1. I like the snow-capped mountain pic in June. Happy New Year!

    1. I rode past it the other day and there's still snow on it Dom...

  2. Thats some pretty solid kms. Well, compared to my paltry effort on the R1 it is.
    Here's to another great year ahead!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic year of riding andrew. Lets hope 2015 is even better!
    The riding in the snow was pretty cool.

    1. Yep, not too bad a year. The ride in the snow was definitely a favourite.

  4. Happy New Year!

    I think you need an award for most miles ridden in 2014 that were all pleasure and not commuting. Nicely done.

    New bike you say......hmmmm

    1. The DL did a little bit of commuting but the Connie's are all about fun rather than work.

      Happy New Year.

  5. Nice recap and serious mileage. Happy New Year.