Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Scoot

The weather here on Saturday was perfect again and I managed to get in quite a bit of walking and also attend the Anzac Day Dawn Parade but no riding.  Luckily Sunday was nearly as nice and during a phone call from Neil in the morning a plan was hatched to meet up for lunch in Hunterville followed by a short pootle.

I left Palmy a bit earlier so I could drop something off in Feilding and then made my way to Hunterville via Vinegar Hill.  It was a superb ride but I had over estimated how long it would take me to get to Hunterville and got there very early.  Never mind, I got myself some lunch and settled in to wait for the others.

First to arrive was Colin and after he'd ordered his lunch we sat outside in the sun to await the other two.  12:30 came and went and we started to wonder where they'd got to.  The finally rolled up about ten minutes later having stopped along the way to talk to a nice man in a Commodore...

Yep, another Triumph rider!
We eventually got away sometime after 1 and our first leg was through to Fordell and Okoia to Upokongaro.  Leaving Hunterville I had a nice little scare when a hawk flew up out of the side of the road - I actually had to change line mid corner but managed to miss it and it's beak and talons...

Next up was the fabulous Paraparas.  And after the first little squirt up the hill we stopped for a few more piccys.

Then it was on to tackle some more sweet curves.

At the turn-off to Fields Track we stopped to say goodbye to Paul and his K1 as he carried on up the main road and we opted for the stunning ride through Fields Track.

This time it was Neil's turn to have to deal with feathered hazards.  He disturbed a good sized turkey and had to take evasive action - all right in front of me.  The only shame was that the GoPro was snapping pictures and I didn't get it on video...

At the SH49 turn-off Neil and Colin went left to Ohakune while I went right and started to trundle my way home.  It was a bit chillier up this end of the country but still lovely riding conditions.

I caught up to a M109 coming into Waiouru and sat behind him most of the way to Taihape where I stopped briefly to top up the bike.  My next leg was a short 20km to Mangaweka where I turned off to ride through to Rangiwahia and Kimbolton again - another great piece of road!

More enjoyable riding soon had me in Colyton and then there was just another 15km or so to get me home.  Yet another great autumn ride - here's hoping the weather stays good for next weekend's BRRBT ride!

More pics here.


  1. Death to turkeys!

  2. Man, what a beautiful day for a ride.

    When riding, I don't know what is worse, birds aiming for your head or when dogs go for the ankles.

    1. Quite often have run-ins with birds. Only once really with dogs - Neil and I out on some back roads. I got the Vee all locked up and all over the show for a moment - one very lucky huntaway got to skulk off home without becoming a "feature" on the front of the bike.

  3. Say I like your new header pic, looking good.
    Nice roads I must say, maybe your swaying me back towards a North Island tour....

    1. I 'spose if we let you in once, we'll have to do it again...