Sunday, July 26, 2015

Flipping a few stones

Having not had the chance for a decent ride in the past few weeks today I decided to remedy that by getting out for a short ride on the mighty Vee.

I decided to take a trip out around the Pohangina Valley but to take a few roads I hadn't taken in a while.  It was also going to be interesting to see what the roads were like after some nasty weather a few weeks ago.

I cruised across town and out through Kelvin Grove before finally hooking up with my first bit of gravel on Watershed Road.  It had been a few weeks since I was last on gravel so it took me a while to get comfortable on it again - some of the gravel had had a grader over it recently so this always adds to the fun.

Soon I was on the familiar Zig Zag road but rather than carrying onto Ridge Road I instead took Finnis Road down into the Pohangina township.


Finnis Road

Dropping down the hill into Pohangina
Next up was some fast gravel on Pohangina Road to Makoura.  I had a blast along here as I'd got the hang of the slippery stuff and had the tail hanging out a bit on a couple of the great uphill turns - oops!

Pohangina Road
Up  on top of the ridge things got a bit slower but the scenery got better so I pulled up for a quick photo stop.

At Utuwai I hung a left to make for Apiti.  After dropping down to the river and clambering back up the other side the road straightens out and is a real hoot on a big dual-purpose bike - you can guess why.

The gravel finally ran out in Apiti so I settled into a fast cruise back to Cheltenham where I stopped for some bacon & eggs wrapped in pastry before carrying on to the old's place for a coffee.

I was finally back home around 2 in plenty of time to give the mower a bit of a thrashing too.  The bike and I both enjoyed our little potter!

More pics here.


  1. I must have missed my invite...?

  2. Fun! Glad you got out for a bit. The clouds were starting to look ominous though.

    We were supposed to go for an overnight ride last weekend but as we were loading the bikes Saturday morning, hubby got a call and had to cover teaching a motorcycle safety class. Another teacher had broken ribs and couldn't do it. Oh well, one of these weekends.

    1. Show him where the off button is on the phone...

  3. That looks like some choice gravel good sir. The strom would have lapped that up and went back for seconds.

    Bacon & eggs wrapped in pastry, what is this new delite you speak of and how come i've not heard of it before?

    1. Surely you had a B&E pie while you were over here?