Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some nostalgia...

So not much has been happening on the riding front: the Vee has had a few trips to work and the Connie has finally had a bath.  Next on the list is to sort out new tyres and batteries for the TPS on the Connie followed by a WOF and then she'll be ready for more action...

In the meantime I was backing up some files to my external HDD and ran across some old video.  This was taken with a very crap (and cheap) camera that I played with for a while before finally going down the GoPro road.  It's of the old Firestorm (just one of the bikes I've owned but should never have sold) taking a wee pootle over the Pahiatua Track.  The video is of shocking quality but I do like that it captured the lovely noise that the VTR pumped out - even if for some reason it doesn't sound as good on Youtube as the source video does...

Skip to about the 3min mark for the best sound.

Yeah, I told ya the video quality was crap...


  1. Hehehe.. i have some similar footage from when I had a Buell. Shaky and rough but I like it just the same. Bring on summer!

  2. The video quality is a little shaky. Who knew technology had come so far. The sounds actually make me think of an old arched game.

    Nice loft of the wheel at the beginning.

    1. I dream of being able to do wheelies when I grow up...

  3. Pretty cool! I've only wheelied accidentally.