Sunday, May 22, 2016

Splashing around...

...and neglecting the poor old Connie :(

Today was supposed to be the BRR Adv ride but the ride got cancelled as we've had a lot of "weather" (and today's forecast was not pretty either) so I had to amuse myself with a short little ride that took me in and out of more "weather".

To kick things of I decided that it was time for a Yamaha to collect a tag and picked up the old tag in Awahuri on my way to Halcombe.

Somewhere (possibly near Halcombe) I picked up another picture for the new tag...


Could have been the tag too...
Now it was time to find some gravel.  I carried on towards Stanaway looking for a short gravel road that crosses over towards Beaconsfield that we'd ridden once before.  The first road I went down wasn't it but got me onto Makino Road so I rode past Colin's place to see if he was around but there was no car there so I turned around and retraced my steps back to Stanaway Road.

As it turns out the next road (Junction Road) I turned down wasn't the one I was looking for either but at least it was gravel and a little longer.

Once again I ended up on Makino Road and I used this to get me over onto SH54 for about a kilometre or so before I turned off onto Beaconsfield Valley Road.  This road starts out on tarmac before finally turning to fast gravel and then slow gravel.  It was good fun but I wore a fair bit of rain and visibility wasn't the best...

Turning onto Waituna Tapuae Road and feeling a little damp I said goodbye to the gravel and started heading home.  Back on the tar and in "wet fast cruise" mode I found quite a bit more rain which was very keen to make friends with me so I hunkered down, turned the grips up and pushed on.

Eventually I out-ran the rain and a pretty nice little cruise back into town and as I write this the bike is safely in the shed and the rain has caught up to me again...


  1. Better you than me out there in that weather. Still bike sounds good and those brake calipers look like the same ones on my old R1.

    1. Had to be done...Jeez, I hope they're not your old brakes- they'd be stuffed wouldn't they?

  2. Beware, same thing happened to me when I got the R80 Beemer (Brigitta) as the "spare" motorcycle while awaiting repairs on the R1150RT Beemer (Maria) after her accident. I found Brigitta lighter and just more fun to ride than bigger Maria. Maria exited my life not long after that.

  3. It looks chilly in those pics, but i guess you are heading into winter.

    1. It wasn't too bad temperature wise but the odd damp patch formed which is never that much fun...