Sunday, July 17, 2016

Just 'cos

Yesterday I did something strange and slightly unbelievable - I gave both horses a bath!  I know, crazy, they probably didn't know what hit 'em!

Anyway, today I decided that they were looking just a little bit clean (although I did of course, notice some bits I missed) and they both got to have a little exercise.

First up, there was a tag to get and I decided that the Connie was the weapon to get it.  About ten minutes after I left home the tag was in the bag.

And then it was off to find something suitable for the new tag.  An idea came to me and after a short ride I took the pic below at secret location X.

A short while later I was back home uploading the pics and then getting the S10 ready for her little outing.

After gassing up I pointed the bike towards Ashhurst and then on to Pohangina very keen to see how the new E-07's would hold up.  Pohangina Road was in superb condition and I daren't mention how well the tyres worked on the really hard packed gravel - we'll just say "well" for now...

Pohangina Road eventually dumped me out onto Makoura Road where I turned left to make for Apiti.  Once again the gravel was nice and hard packed and the Tenere got a chance to use top gear quite a few times...

In Apiti the local MX-5 club had taken over the pub so rather than stop there for lunch with a bunch of hair-dressers (eh Geoff?) I decided to make for Feilding and a late lunch.  I good squirt on tarmac from Apiti to Kimbolton was fun even on wet and gritted roads was followed by a slow cruise into Feilding and a hot lunch.  Then it was home after a couple of nice little rides - just over 200km all up.


  1. Bastard :-). You know full well that Jennie sold hers! The replacement Jazz Rally Sport is pretty impressive as long as your mates don't see you driving it, haha.

    Good to see that you're making good use of both machines, you lucky sod :-)

    1. Just checking to see if you're still around ;)

  2. What will the bikes do without that protective layer of dust? All that dirt keeps the gremlins at bay. Kudos on getting both the bikes out though.

    1. It took some work, but someone had to do it...