Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Game of Fours - Blogger Challenge

A fellow moto-blogger, Trobairitz (gee, thanks), tagged me in Game of 4's. A challenge in which four questions are provided, to be answered by four answers to each of the questions, and then to nominate four other bloggers.

The four questions are as follows:

1) What is your favorite food?
2) What is your favorite drink?
3) Places you've been?
4) Names that you are known by?

Favourite Food

You mean I have to choose?  My preference is a seefood diet - whenever I see food, I eat it!

Actually, seafood might be a closer to the truth.  While I enjoy a nice steak (and the salad and chips that usually come with it), you cannot beat a nice piece of fresh fish - preferably one you have just pulled out of the sea yourself.  A bit of lemon juice, some nice spuds and a salad and that's about all you need.

On the road it can be pretty hard finding something nice, quick and tasty - usually the fish is deep fried something with greasy chips.  I get really sick of greasy takeaways so I try and get a nice feed of vegetables once in a while - some sort of stir-fry.  Take-away roast meals are pretty spectacular too.  The odd good cooked brekkie is nice sometimes too - no need for lunch.  Subway and Pita Pitt are possibly healthier than a possum pie or roadkill wrap...

Mmmmm, grease....

Favourite Drink

Hmmm, tricky.  I used to be a cokeaholic but now don't have it much and if I do it normally doesn't have sugar in it.  I tend to prefer fruit juices.  I also like my coffee although I'm not a coffee snob - generally if it's hot and has caffeine in it then it's all good.

On the road I generally take water.  I might have a coffee if I stop at a cafe but normally don't just stop for a hot drink unless it's freezing.  Chocolate or coffee flavoured milk is nice sometimes.  On endurance rides I try to stick to just water - I don't think much of the energy drinks as you normally perk up for a while and then it wears off and you're knackered again.  Maybe one coffee on 1,000 mile day - just before dawn.


Places I've been

Well, this may not be quite complete but it's close.  All the places I've visited in NZ and thought to take a photo:

I'll try to get to those ones that are missing...

Names I'm known by

Well, let's stick to the one's that are printable...

Banditrider (who'd a thunk?).  This started out as my Kiwibiker handle and then blew out into the name of this blog (to change or not change, that is the question?).  Later on, when Banditrider wasn't available (Youtube and maybe some other forums) it became exBanditrider which is now much more accurate...

EVLED.  This was inherited when I bought the V-Strom - the bike came with a personalised plate.  Apparently Ed owned the bike previously.  I use this as my handle on Adventure Rider and the plate has stayed with me and is now on the Connie - don't tell anyone!

Not so evil Connie
Oh, and you're not allowed to call me Andy!  Ma has a thing about that - don't mess with her!

Next Victims!  Let's keep it in the Southern Hemisphere...


  1. Great stuff Andrew. Notice how I said Andrew and not Andy.

    I love your sense of humor in your answers and your hydrate selfie. We haven't seen that one before I don't think.

    1. You should be safe then...

      The selfie exists elsewhere...just takes some finding...

  2. Turangi truck stop - Breakfast of Champions! I've felt quite sick on a full English breakfast setting off from there. Tended to have something lighter from then on. Haven't been there for a while - still open?

    Excellent post mate!

    1. I'm not sure that it is. The NZDR team to hit the pub for dinner now and brekkie can be had at the HQ.

  3. mine is done in the blog
    not much more in NZ to see

    1. Thanks for playing. There's still more to see, might have to go for another ride...