Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Coast to Coast

Yesterday was the annual Coast to Coast ride which supports our local rescue helicopter so it's always a cause worth supporting and an excuse for a trip over to Akitio.  Another bonus this time around was that the weather forecasters had made a real hash of things and the predicted wet and nasty weather didn't eventuate and it was hot work just getting out to Himatangi.

BRR bike parked next to a BRRBT Connie
After the usual riders' briefing and faffing around it was finally time to leave.  By now it was very warm and I'd removed my waterproof inner from my jacket and opened up most of the vents - gotta love those vents.

We were led (very slowly) from Himatangi, across to Sanson, Feilding and finally Ashhurst before crossing over to Woodville via the Saddle (more very slow riding).  In Woodville we gate crashed their Xmas parade (as usual) before parking up for our BBQ lunch.

Nice little Impulse - nearly as nice as my old one...

Team Kawasaki waiting patiently

Do 2 x 660 Teneres make a Super Tenere?

The cruiser boys were out in force
With none of the usual team going out to the beach due to other commitments, it was just me, myself and I who departed Woodville ahead of the pack (to stay clear of squids and mobile chicanes) to make my way across to the beach.

Along the way I did catch and pass a few others who had the same idea as me.  I still can't get over how poorly some cruisers are ridden.  The owners seem surprised when their bikes don't go around corners properly and they end up on the wrong side of the road - only to repeat at the next corner.  Oh well, the Connie leaves them behind fairly quickly...

At the beach I joined a few of the others who also choose to get there early and parked up for a cold drink and a snack.

Gotta be early to get a good park...
The weather was still pretty nice at the beach but there was a fairly decent breeze whipping up the odd wave and helping cool things off a bit.

An even wider mobile chicane

Still hardly anyone else at the beach
Over the next hour and a half more bikes turned up and the prize giving got underway.  I don't normally hang around for it but when I do...

Shirt might possibly serve me well as a tent
Having raided the prizes I mounted up and started off on my return trip via Dannevirke.  Just like last year I managed to find some rain (this time lighter) and contemplated stopping to put my liner back in but in the end I just got a little damp and having achieved that the rain left me alone and went looking for someone else.

Nearing Dannevirke I still had plenty of gas so didn't stop and made for Woodville.  A few more spits and a slow cruise got me the and it was finally time to gas the bike for the short hop home.


  1. That ride is such a good cause. And with no rain, that must have been a treat.

    With the size of that prize shirt - are you sure it wasn't meant for a Harley rider?

    1. I'll try the shirt on but not a Harley...

    2. I second the motion.......

  2. Looked like a good turn out and a not too shoddy day.

    1. I stayed a lot dryer this year. For some reason this ride always seems to get the odd bit of rain...