Monday, April 09, 2018

Scrubbing in

Sunday was a cracker of a day and there were these new tyres that needed some scrubbing.  After the usual dog walking and such I decided to check out the Tagorama thread and go in search of the tag.

As it turned out, the tag was an easy find but a wee bit of a peddle to get to.  I decided to make a bit of a loop out of it and you'll see that on the map further down the page.

The trip over the Pahiatua track was good but I did show a little respect to the new tyres and didn't push them too hard.  They did feel pretty damn nice though - it is surprising what a decent tyre profile does to the handling...

More corners through to Mangamire and then onto Hamua-Rongomai Road, Mangaone Valley Road and Pa Valley Road finally got me onto Route 52 for the trip up to the tag at the Tiraumea Hall.


Another crap day on the East Coast
More of the bumpy and windy Route 52 got me to Pongaroa where I needed to stop to remove a layer as I was working up a bit of a sweat.

The rest of the ride took me over to Makuri and then into Pahiatua for a pie before having an even better run over the track and home again.  Somewhere along the way I even found a new tag for the game...

A mystery location
Home just after one and around 200km of great autumn riding.


  1. A beautiful day for a ride. We are getting a "pineapple express" which dumped inches of rain on us over the weekend. No fun for riding.

    1. Well, it's 6am and it's been bucketing down with thunder and lightning most of the night. A lot more to come - snow down South too. A massive change in less than 2 days...