Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Man Grips

So Saturday's ride was a bit chilly at times and my poor old hot grips were given the workout of their (long) life.  I've talked before of my undying love of heated grips and that they're cheaper than a pair of gloves etc, etc.  They are the bees knees.

And the Connie's Oxford grips have certainly done well.  They've been on the bike for nearly 148,000km and apart from a plug popping out have never missed a beat.  I've also bought quite a few pairs of gloves in this time...

But, for a while now they (or at least the LHS side grip) have been showing their age:

So, last week I found the best local deal and finally ordered a replacement set.  They arrived on Thursday and I didn't get a chance to fit them before the weekend and with Saturday being the better day, the ride took priority.

But come Sunday, it was time for some shed time.

Checkout that cool bike - bottom right...

Replacing the grips is a pretty easy job, only the right grip was hard to remove (in the end I had to sacrifice the old one) and I didn't even need the wiring to the battery (although I think it is hooked to some accessory leads that the Connie came with), I simply plugged the old wire into the new controller.

Not that bad a spaghetti factory...
A quick test before gluing the grips down
Once again the right grip was the trickiest to get on - and you need to be quick with the glue going off pretty quick...And then hey presto, all done!

The new controller is better than the old one
Now, the next job is to get the ones on the Tenere to work every time...I am onto the source of its issues, just so long as I get it sorted before summer...


  1. How good are heated grips?! The new Beemer has them and I love them!

  2. Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means. Yep no heated grips required and also Phillip Island motogp time. Come on over and we'll show you a good time....

  3. I agree, heated grips, best thing since sliced bread, next to the heated vest. Comfort above all.

  4. Mmmm warm hands. I love the Oxford grips on my Versys, but I even have grip heaters on my little TW too.

  5. Wow! I thought my grips are worn, I hope you don't wear your tires out like you wear your grips, down to the belts ;) I bought new grips too, but then decided just to wrap the old ones with athletic tape, and save the new grips for my new bike. The new controllers are nicer than the old controllers too, much easier to operate and read. Oxford plug and play is the way to go.

    1. Yeah I like the new controller design a lot better.

      New bike eh? Details...