Saturday, November 03, 2018

Friday night ride

Last night was the first Friday night ride of the year and while I don't normally manage to get to many of them the weather forecast for the weekend wasn't good but Friday night's was...

The ride is never a biggee - just a good way to see out the working week.

Having ridden the Tenere to work, I just didn't bother putting her away and joined up with maybe 15-20 other riders on all sorts of machinery.

Pauly led us out of town and across to Ashhurst where we made our way towards Pohangina before turning off on Valley Road.

Little MV made nice noises...

From Colyton we rode through to Cheltenham and then across to Stanaway Hall and Halcombe.

And from there it was just a short squirt across to Mt Biggs and then into Feilding where a cold drink waited.

And apart from a short ride home, that was about it!  might need to go for a proper ride next weekend...


  1. Nice one Andrew! Friday nights too eh? If you rode any more, you might as well bolt a desk top across your handlebars and call it your office ;-)