Monday, March 18, 2019

A small celebration

Today, our local Spitfire (yes, we have one!) celebrated ten years of flying since her restoration and luckily I spotted the post on Facebook.  As you can see from the below, there were questions on whether this celebration should go ahead but I like that second paragraph:

So, I raced home after work and grabbed my camera and tore out to Ohakea on the Tenere (glad I had chosen her today instead of Mighty Mouse).  I got there in plenty of time so got some practice in with a Hercules tooling around and some choppers doing choppery things.

Eventually, the side show ended and we heard a lovely noise...It's a real shame that it was such a sunny day - it made very amateur photography pretty tricky.  But I did enjoy the short airshow - in particular one really nice low pass - magic!

That silhouette...

That low pass!

All over...
Some awful video...


  1. I notice your photo's through the fence are focused on the fence. I have that trouble too. Damn this photography gig is pretty difficult.
    Love those old warbirds, nothing like them roaring through the skies. Pure magic.

    1. I may have sorted out the fence focusing thing...will need to try again...

      Nothing better than a Merlin! No close-ups of that low and fast flyby - I had to watch, hear and feel it properly...

  2. Shooting fast moving objects against a bright sky, very difficult. I love the look of the Spitfire....same with the American P51-D Mustang....classics.

    1. Tricky business alright. Yep, love both those old girls!

  3. You managed some great photos. Good job making it there in time after work.