Sunday, October 27, 2019


It's a long weekend here but so far it's actually been a little grey and cool.  After a day of pottering around home on Saturday I decided that I at least needed a short blast to sort out some cobwebs.  Mighty Mouse needed it's cobwebs sorting too...

All up I only did around 70km but I did manage to sneak in some gravel on Watershed and Midland roads.  It'd been awhile since I'd ridden the WR on gravel and it took me a while to settle into it.  The little bike moves around a lot more than the Tenere and I'm not sure if knobblies were the best bet for the very hard and "gravel-less" roads.

The rest of the ride was on seal and after a quick stop at my olds (nobody home) I fanged it back home.

Here's a bit of Midland Road - watch for bunnies at around 4:30.

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