Saturday, November 02, 2019

Farkle Season Part 2

Yes, the farkling continues...

I actually started this install before fitting the tail tidy but there were hold-ups...

This farkle was all about ergs (of the electrical persuasion) and getting some them to some new and interesting places.  To kick things off, there was nudity...

I might just leave the tank off for the time being...
To distribute the ergs I had purchased a 3CS-S harness from Eastern Beaver (I have one of their PC-8's on the Tenere).  The one I got gives me 1 unswitched circuit and 2 switched.  And it had to go in here somewhere:

Plenty of room, I'll get a turbo in there yet...

Once I got my head around how the thing worked and what I needed to do I started by running all the accessory wiring from the front of the bike to where the 3CS was going to sit.  And then I started marrying everything up.

Early version of the spaghetti factory
Before hiding the birds nest away it was time to try it and this was where my fantastic electrical skills became apparent.  Yep, no joy, the ergs remained locked away in the battery.

I wonder how you use this thing?
I managed to work out that the ergs were actually escaping the battery but not getting through those sexy white connectors.  There must be a knack to them that I just don't own...

After some frustrated messing around I decided that they had to go and went a bit lower tech.

All buttoned up and not blocking the mouse's windpipe
And what do you know, success!

GPS - hot all the time

USB port - switched

Plug for the compressor or camera charging (velcroed out of the way until needed)
Well, that was a bit of a relief!  Anyone want a hand with some electrickery wrangling?


  1. Is that the first time that multimeter has been used since the Black Pearl incident of 2017?
    Whataya mean fit a turbo, you being a kwaka man I thought you'd be fitting up a supercharger......

    1. The multi-meter has had a bit of use but perhaps not on as big a lemon...

      I didn't say I haven't considered a supercharger...

    2. Lmfao. That Triumph was a piece of shite wasn't it.