Monday, July 13, 2020

Yella Terra

Oops, I did it again...

Yep, spent too much time on Trademe and ended up buying something that is just a little bit scary....

After a couple of trail rides on the WR, I decided that it wasn't the best tool for the job.  The WR is fantastic as my lightweight Adv bike but at 135kg standard and with the addition of a larger tank, luggage racks and a decent skidplate it's probably nearer to 150kg and that is a lot of weight when you're in some truly gnarly stuff.  More power and torque would be nice too...

Enter the RMX.  Apparently it's 123.5kg ready to rock and with 50 odd hp, not short of ponies then...

On Saturday, Dad and I got in the ute and headed North to Cambridge to pick it up.  It was mostly a pretty nice day with some superb views of the mountains.  Dad drove the camera (sometimes this required a lowered window) while I kept the ute out of the ditches.

Just a little ice on the windscreen...

At the seller's place we met the security who's modus operandi was to distract trespassers by insisting that they pat her.

I was then introduced to the Yella Terra and even had a little pootle up the driveway.  And yes, it was just a pootle as I didn't want to dig up the grass/driveway (or fall off and injure myself straight away).  What it did confirm was that the bike has instant ergs, plenty of torque and makes a wee bit of noise...

Excitement over, the bike was loaded for the trip back and we vamoosed.  The views were at least as good when we hit the desert road so we had to stop for some more photos.

And eventually after a nearly 800km day, we were back home to introduce the new bike to the rest of the stable.

On Sunday morning I fired it up prior to completing my first oil and filter change.  The battery is currently dead (knew this before buying the bike) so I had to remember how to start it the old fashioned way.  And no, I didn't actually get it first kick.

Yes, you barely touch the throttle and the donk spins up fast...

And now for the usual farkling before the first trail ride.
  • New battery
  • Bark busters
Luckily the bike came with some really good protective gear (and I have some MX stuff) but I'm also going to get some armour, possibly boots (a pair came with the bike but they are slightly too big) and maybe some googles...

Can't wait for the first proper outing but am pretty sure that there will be a slow old guy there taking things easy...Am I crazy or what?


  1. Better start with the fitness campaign so you can hang onto her Andrew! I remember reading my Husky 510's manual when I first got her and in the introduction pages it insisted that it was a competition motorcycle and that the rider needed a high level of fitness and skill to ride it. I remember laughing at the time.......then came the all over body soreness....and bad back.......soon after I began mtbing to get fitter so I could ride it longer and harder. Husky were right! :-0
    Enjoy. Can't wait to hear what you think of it. ;)

    1. First Geoff suggesting that coming off hurts when you're "middle-aged" and now you suggesting I need to get fit! Craziness!

      But, yeah, fitness will be an issue. The 2 trail rides on the WR were hard work but a heap of fun. As I said, I ain't going to be going hard (not got that sort of skill anyway) but I will enjoy the lighter bike and it's ability to pull better even at low revs. I will be sore after riding it for sure...

  2. Congrats Andrew - lovely looking bike. I foresee lots of expenditure on farkles :-). Congrats too on a stunning set of pics across the Desert Road. Some of those are worthy of printing on canvas and hanging on the wall. It's a spectacular place on a nice day but a hell-hole in bad weather eh? I came through there in a snowstorm in the dark after sitting an exam at Massey. Rooted doesn't begin to describe how I felt at Turangi!

    1. Thanks Geoff. First farkle came today - bark busters. Not sure if the bike needs any more than that.

      Also, arrived was a chest protector...

  3. Oldbeer7:39 pm

    Hey Andrew...finally into the bright yellow sunlight! Great bike no doubt.
    Have recently joined the gym and while its very early days I'm pretty sure the core exercises make riding more comfortable. Enough to make me want to carry on anyway.

    I went with a mate to Whakatane and back on Monday to pick up a drz400. It must be new bike week.

    1. Thanks and congrats on the new bike.

      Yeah, I was a gym goer for a while a few years ago. Hurt my shoulder and lost a gym bud so I stopped going. Seriously considering heading back - I enjoy the weight training. It's definitely better to be a bit fitter when going hard offroad.