Sunday, September 06, 2020

Hall hunting?

 I needed a ride today and had already decided that I wanted to take the Mouse out for a wee play on the gravel but I didn't really have any particular idea of where I wanted to go.  Best check out the Tagorama page then...

Phil had been up in our neck of the woods and dumped the tag over on some back roads between Woodville and Dannevirke.  Oh well, bound to be able to find some gravel over that way...

Now, because I did manage to nab the tag, I can't go into too much detail on my we route (Al might be watching), but suffice to say, some gravel was found both before and after the retrieval of Phil's tag.

I took the shortcut through the ditch, that's why I'm facing a different direction to Phil 😜

And of course, I got to post up the new tag:

So after finding Papatawa Hall, I got lost on the way to Toad Hall...

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