Saturday, July 31, 2021

Caught in the act

Remember that time Colin and I stumbled across a Google car?  Nope?  Well here ya go:

I 'spose we knew what he/she was up to (taking millions of photos) but I really didn't give it much thought after writing the blog but today Gremlin sent me a message with a Streetview link showing us parked up on the Paraparas.

Click piccy for link to Streetview

We'd just pulled out of Te Rimu Road and were heading up the Paras to Fields Track and then Burma Hill.

That Google car was really getting along and it took us law abiding riders a while to catch him and a fair bit of clicking today to finally track him down again at the traffic lights were we had finally caught up to him.

Anyway, kinda cool and nice that they blur faces and in particular number plates...I nabbed a few more snips showing us passing and him chasing after us...

Another link to Streetview here

I wonder how long our thirty seconds of fame will last? 🤣

Cheers Gremmy!


  1. Looks like I'm talking to Motorcycling Royalty now.

    1. Damn Google following us everywhere. Gonna be worst when we get the jab with the implanted chips...


  2. Hilarious! Big Brother is watching you!

    1. What's funny is that a mate stumbled across it. What are the chances?